We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other academics, disciplines and institutions. Our extensive academic collaboration is evidenced by over two-thirds of our research publications having co-authors from outside the Department, a portfolio of funded research including collaborations with both UK and international academic institutions, and a vibrant and diverse visitor programme.  Our academic staff also collaborate on an individual basis with other institutions, the profession and industry through holding visiting academic posts with other universities, engaging with professional organisations such as the Royal Society of Chemistry, and acting as consultants and advisors to industry and public sector organisations.

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Collaboration with members of other academic institutions worldwide is a key part of Chemistry at Oxford and we host up to 100 visitors a year.  This may take the form of an early career researcher from another institution spending a year with one of our research groups on an externally funded visitor scheme or shorter visits by academics with whom our academic staff are collaborating on joint projects.  Potential visits are best discussed in the first instance with the individual identified as the host academic. For general information on the visitor process contact: Sue Henderson in the Head of Department’s Office.

Our academics regularly collaborate with academics and research teams in other institutions on joint research projects and initiatives.  Most of these collaborations arise from academic to academic interactions and are supported by our Research and Grant Facilitation teams. Visit our Research Theme and Academic Staff pages to find out more about the research of the Department and areas for potential collaboration.

Visit our Academic Staff pages which are searchable by research theme to find out who works on specific areas of chemistry.  For media or press enquiries please contact Susan Davis or Thomas Player, Communications Managers.

Oxford Energy – Addressing the challenges to find secure, affordable and sustainable energy

ChemBioPlants - fostering and supporting new collaborations between plant scientists and colleagues in chemistry, biochemistry and other disciplines at Oxford

Comp Chem Kitchen – bringing together those at Oxford using and developing computational methods to tackle problems in chemistry, biochemistry and drug discovery

Oxford Photonics – Chemistry, Engineering, Materials and biomedical departments involved in quantum photonics and metrology to super-resolution optical imaging, biophotonics, ultrafast spectroscopy, sensing, and laser processing.