Support academics and researchers

The success of Oxford Chemistry is born out of the work conducted by its exceptional staff, from talented DPhil students right through to world-leading academics. Their work pushes past the boundaries traditionally associated with the subject, and spans from truly curiosity-driven, 'moonshot' chemistry to readily applied research.

One of our central priorities is to be able to attract and support early-career academics, especially in burgeoning areas of the discipline. In addition to this, in order to be able to maintain our position as a global leader, we need to be able to recruit and retain the very best academics at senior levels. Philanthropy plays a critically important role in these goals.

Important scientific breakthroughs are the result of our researchers' creativity, determination and grit; their unwavering commitment to their research and what it might be able to do for chemistry as a subject and society more broadly in the future. 

Please get in touch to discuss ways to support outstanding chemists in the Department - from those taking their first steps in academia to our highly distinguished chairs.